What exactly is Parent Consultation?

  • We will work together to create your individualized roadmap so that you can spend your time, money and energy where it matters most.  Every child and family is different. 
  • Guidance to help navigate the challenges at home, school and in the community. Practical solutions for your specific situation 
  • Help you identify teachable moments in your child’s daily life 
  • Solutions to help you stop battling your child 
  • Empowering you the parent to build the strong, positive future for your family that you’ve always wanted. 

When to consider a consultation:

  •  If you’ve recently received your child’s diagnosis, are feeling overwhelmed and don’t know where to begin. 
  •  If your child was diagnosed a while ago and everything was going well but now you are “stuck” and need a little help with a particular situation. 
  •  You feel like you are always battling with your child  and wish for a calmer family life 
  •  If you are frustrated about your child’s school, their team and “the  system” 
  •  Things are going well right now but you want to prepare for an upcoming transition 


  • With a consultant who has experienced what you are going through by your side, you can claim a bright & joyful life for your family
  • Stop feeling stressed-out and have confidence that it will be okay
  • Break out of constant fear for the future and know that your family will thrive
  • Sleep well again and feel really rested
  • Have a happy home environment where everyone’s needs are fulfilled
  • Practical solutions for your everyday challenges
  • Save your sanity!


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Hi, I’m Sazini Nzula, a.k.a the Life Hacks for Special Needs Catalyst.

I help overwhelmed parents of kids with special needs create an individualized roadmap for their family so they can reduce stress, embrace the unique way their child is flourishing and live their dream life with calm confidence.

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