Best Christmas Gift Ideas for Special Needs Families

Christmas Gift Ideas

I’m a scientist and I don’t get it. There has to be some yet to be explained natural world science stuff at play because even though we all know exactly when it’s coming, there’s just never enough time to prepare for it. In 10 days it will be Christmas and you still have gifts to buy. I get it. You are busy and just thinking about suitable presents is actually what takes time and energy. We’d love to help and have come up with a list of fail-proof Christmas gift ideas we love for special needs families.  Not only are these amazing gifts but they will be used and enjoyed for years to come.  I can vouch for every single one of them because they are all very personal to me and my family. You can rest assured, they have been put through the wringer and came out shining brightly.

1. Balance trainer

I bought one of these for myself many years ago. After using it for a few months, I “lost” it. It was still in my house, I knew where it was but my son had taken such a shine to it that he wanted to be on it every single time he saw me get anywhere near it, plus other times in between. Even though my son had a mini trampoline that was much easier to use, he took a fancy to it and it relocated permanently to his room soon after.  It was really something of a mystery why he loved it so much since he had significant gross motor delays at the time.

My son towers above me now and still happily bounces on it, usually at critical time point in a movie or TV show that a family member is watching in the room just beneath.Blue balance ball- one the best Christmas Gift for Your Child

Why we love this:

  • super versatile, every family member can use it
  • helps with grow motor development
  • good brand will last forever
  • now available at a range of price points, instead of just the one brand that introduced the product to the market
  • all this makes it one of the best Christmas gifts for your child

2. Hamac/ Hammock

Just seeing a hamac makes you feel relaxed, and for that, every special needs family needs one, or several. The great news is that the choice is endless. From ones that are made of ultra light weight strong fabric that fold into tiny packages, to chair hamacs and free standing ones that come with their own stand ready for set up anywhere you fancy. I have a couple and use them both indoors in the basement, outdoors and when we go camping. It’s a great present that gives back to the whole family.

Why we love this:

  • it’s the very image of relaxation and who doesn’t want that?
  • requires no effort to work on the vestibular system
  • there’s one for almost every space and price point

3. Ghost bag/  Full body sensory sock

If you don’t know what this is, it really is a bag made of lightweight, stretchy, breathable fabric, that you step inside and velcro yourself in.  Depending on the version, the head can be exposed or not. Most kids have a lot of fun with these. I made one when my kids were younger; all it took was the right fabric, velcro and stitching in straight lines.  It was very popular with all the kids who came to our house. Just be prepared to be constantly throwing it in the wash.Red ghost bag- one of the best Christmas gifts for a younger child

Why we love this:

– creates a private, comfy space for a child

– fantastic sensory tool; great for tactile stimulation, promotes body and spatial awareness

– great prop for family dramas, stories and plays

4.Silicone Fidget Popper

Even if you spent the last few months living in a cave, I’m sure you would have come across these! These are a fabulous stress relief toy for kids and adults alike. They are easy to use because all you have to do is push the bubbles to hear their satisfying ‘pop’ sound. They come in a variety  of shapes, sizes and colours which makes it easy enough to find one that’s aligned with your child’s interest. The fidget poppers are relatively inexpensive and your child wont stand out using their popper because they are hugely popular with all kids, and some adults.

Why we love this:

– easy to use

– washable

– huge variety 


– super travel friendly 

5. Lava lamp

This 60s and 70s classic came back to the market a few years ago and thank goodness for that.  Today’s lava lamp comes in a variety of colour combinations, shapes, bases; you name it there is a lava lamp that would make an amazing present. 

When my son was younger, we spent a lot of time in his walk-in closet just relaxing. We played for hours with different lights but the best was the lava lamp of course. My son still has one in his room.

Why we love this:

– it’s a great therapeutic lamp

  • it’s relaxation
  • definite conversation starter

6. Foot Massager

At the end of a challenging day, there’s nothing better than a mini spa treatment, perhaps with a relaxing lava lamp in the background. I received one as a present and had a hard time getting to use it for the first few months. Any time I turned around, someone  was testing a different setting and they always seemed to need half an hour instead of the shorter setting. 

Why we love this:

  • great for feeling like you are spoiling yourself
  • can ask for a change of pressure without hurting the masseuse’s feelings
  • appeals to both adults and older adults

7. Dr. Sazini Gifts

For gifts that will keep giving for years to come, check out Dr. Sazini gifts. 

For something to read:

Give the gift of:

  • Beautiful Inside and Out, What You Ought to Know about Autism. How to embrace The Unique Way Your Child is flourishing. Available  on  Amazon and our website.



To Capture their thoughts and the beautiful moments of 2022 and beyond.Give the gift of:

  • Beautiful Inside and Out Journal. Available on our website.



For the journey to their dream family life:

 Give the gift of 

-Special Needs Parenting Success System, our self-paced online course.



Why we love this:

  • the heart and soul poured into each of these products
  • real life examples
  • practical advice that can be implemented immediately 

You’ve checked your list twice and have your nice list wilted down to only those who are truly deserving. You may only have 10 days get your Christmas shopping done but we really hope this list of gifts we’ve loved will in turn, be loved by your loved ones.

Please let us know what you think of our Christmas gift ideas. Have you gifted or used some of these? Let us know at: or through our Contact Form

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