An autism meltdown in an airplane leads to a surprising result.


Just a couple more weeks and it will be Summer! If you are planning a trip and are worried about travelling with your child with special needs, remember that things aren’t always as bad as we imagine. Whatever situation you are apprehensive about, if it were to happen, it would come to an end and you would enjoy your vacation. Honestly!



I did not see this coming. I should have but everything had been going so well, I was not prepared for it. We had just found our seats and I was already mentally organizing our bags and figuring out what needed to go in the overhead lockers and what I needed to take out for use during the trip. Our seats were the four middle ones, nowhere near a window like on the last flight. That was it, the last straw that started the meltdown. My son was screaming, kicking, hitting and doing everything he could to get away from those seats. I dropped everything I was holding, the lists on my head and focused on confining him to the small space of our seats. I was struggling to hold on. He may be a skinny kid but he is very strong.

I call them Bugatti mega meltdowns. They go from zero to roaring past you at full speed leaving you wondering what just happened. Then you realise you have to catch and tame them.

My immediate thought was that we were going to be kicked off the plane. My biggest fear in planning this whole trip was suddenly looming over me and quickly closing in.


If you are planning any airplane travel with your child with special needs, read the whole story on The Mighty.


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