Qigong (chee-gong) Sensory Treatment Massage Training.

Caregiver training equips you with the skills to give this specialized massage to individuals with special needs such as autism spectrum disorders, sensory challenges, Down syndrome and hyperactivity.

Caring For The Caregiver

Providing long-term care for someone with special needs takes a tremendous emotional, physical and psychological toll on even the most resilient caregivers. Surprisingly many caregivers don’t recognize the warning signs nor acknowledge when they are setting their own needs aside in order to take care of a loved one. I certainly have gone through some tremendously stressful periods without recognizing them for what they are until much later.


For example, when you start feeling as if you could really use a quick nap while you wait behind the wheel at a red light, you’ve been neglecting your own needs for far too long!


You are not a bad parent, spouse or relative when you take the time to look after yourself. In fact, taking care of yourself first makes you an effective caregiver. The safety instructions on an airplane are to put on your oxygen mask before you assist anyone else. Only when you take care of yourself first will you be able to effectively help your loved ones. Come and explore how making sure that your needs are met benefits your loved ones.
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