Calm Autism Parenting™


If your child has been diagnosed with autism you may be: 

  • Worried that your child’s prospects for the future look miserable
  • Stressed out about your child’s behaviour
  • Fed up with being judged by strangers and family all the time
  • Feeling crushed by information overload and the language about autism that you don’t yet understand
  • Grappling for control of your family’s life and future
  • Longing for just one night of decent sleep

Don’t panic

As the mother of two children with autism, I have been where you are right now.

VISION: By working with me you will get a clear roadmap for preparing your child for the future. You will gain confidence in your ability to help your child fulfil their potential and be happy in life. You will also receive practical solutions for everyday challenges.

ULTIMATE RESULT: Transform your anxiety, stress and confusion about parenting a child with autism into confidence, joy and calmness.


  • With a coach who has experienced what you are going through by your side, you can claim a bright & joyful life for your family
  • Stop feeling stressed-out and have confidence that it will be okay
  • Break out of constant fear for the future and know that your family will thrive
  • Sleep well again and feel really rested
  • Have a happy home environment where everyone’s needs are fulfilled
  • Practical solutions for your everyday challenges
  • Save your sanity!

How do we make this happen?

Contact me at: or +1  514 746 9464

to set up a time for us to discuss how we can turn this dream into a reality for you and your family.