Qigong Massage Therapy

QST is a safe, non-invasive, inexpensive and effective therapy for autism. It empowers parents and strengthens bonding with their children.

Official Video: QST: A different sense of touch

In the dual parent-therapist intervention, I provide 20 therapist qigong sensory treatment (qigong massage) interventions for your child with special needs.

Qigong massage is a research-based therapy for children with special needs that empowers parents to transform their family. My intervention is for a limited time, thus reducing the financial burden of therapy to your family.

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“Dr. Sazini your book has been very helpful. I was able to identify that Occupational Therapy and Qigong Massage  were a good place for my child and family to start. It saved me hours on Google trying to figure it out all on my on. I could not have done it without this helpful resource”- Jackie – mother of a 4 year old.