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Is QST suitable for all children with autism?

Eden Qigong Massage Inforgraphic - Is QST right for everyone?

There are some situations for which QST is contraindicated, namely:

1) Uncontrolled seizures

The tapping movements on top of the head could induce seizures

2) Children who begin other intensive therapies at the same time as QST

It is recommended to begin only one intensive therapy at a time so that any reactions are easier to manage.

3) Children taking strong medication

Some medications that work on the sensory nervous system could interfere with QST since QST also works via the same system

4) Other neurological conditions such as Down’s syndrome or Cerebral palsy

A different massage protocol should be used

5) Parents who lack sensitivity in their hands

Parents need to be able to adjust their massage to the child’s responses during the massage

How can I start QST?

There are two options for helping your child with autism. Firstly, there is the QST parent intervention in which parents are trained to give the massage daily to their children. The parent intervention consists of 12 movements that last about 15 minutes. In the second option, the QST dual parent and therapist intervention, daily parent massage therapy is complimented by weekly QST therapist ’s more intensive massage protocol.

Does QST work for other neurological disabilities?

QST was developed specifically for autism and sensory abnormalities. Preliminary research indicates that a different, but similar protocol, led to improvements in motor skills in children with cerebral palsy and Down’s syndrome as well as speech in children with Down’s syndrome.

Why have I never heard of QST?

Although there is now more than a decade of research on the effectiveness of QST in the treatment of young children with autism, there are still only a few certified therapists world wide, most of whom are in the USA. There are presently only four certified QST therapists in Canada and I was the first parent of a child with autism to be certified worldwide.

Do you issue receipts for insurance?

Yes I issue Naturotherapy receipts.