Parent Coaching

Parent Coaching

Your child has special needs, now what? You may be angry, worried, confused, and not sure where to start. You already know that your child’s needs will impact every family member and every aspect of your family’s life. With intervention, it is possible to positively influence your child’s development while ensuring that every family member’s needs are met. My coaching sessions empower parents with the skills to build a strong, positive future for their family.

Every child and family is different and we will work together to develop your unique action plan. Topics include choosing therapy interventions, special needs education, accessing resources in your community, effective communication, travelling with special needs and caring for the caregiver.

I have been where you are and I will guide you in choosing the best action plan that suits your needs and values.

My services are offered in person, FaceTime or Skype calls.

Click here to book your first Free 30 minute Session (a $70 value) with me today and allow me to hold your hand as you go through your own special journey.