Introducing Qigong Massage (QST) for Autism on CJAD 800 in Montreal.

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This Autism Awareness Month, we were honoured to have the opportunity to introduce Montreal families to qigong massage (Qigong Sensory Treatment) on CJAD 800 with Barry Morgan.

Listen to our CJAD interview with Barry Morgan for Autism Awareness Month Click To Tweet

This break-through, family-centered therapy treats the sensory difficulties associated with autism and reduces parental stress. Other common areas of improvement include sleep, language, self-regulation and aggression.

Where no QST therapists are available, some families have successfully used QST on their own. For those families who do work with a therapist, the therapist’s involvement is for a limited, pre-determined duration,  making QST a low-cost therapy.

Click to listen to Dr. Nzula’s interview with Barry Morgan on CJAD 800.

Thank you CJAD for giving us this platform to spread the word on this exciting therapy, that I am pleased to offer as 1 of only 2 Qigong Massage Therapists in Montreal.

If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact me and I will be happy assist.



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