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Benefits of Qigong (chee-gong) Massage Therapy

Improved sleep

Eden Qigong Massage massage tableIs sleep an impossible dream? Are you spending your waking time dreaming of the proverbial 8-10 hours of sleep a night? Lack of sleep makes coping with daily challenges harder and impacts every aspect of one’s life. Qigong Sensory Treatment (qigong massage) puts blissful sleep for you and your child literally in your hands. For most families, bedtime is the easiest time to incorporate the massage into their routine and it becomes a pleasant, shared experience with which to end the day. Qigong massage calms and relaxes the nervous system, allowing children to fall asleep and stay asleep. When children sleep well, parents also sleep better, their stress levels decrease and their overall quality of life improves.

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Decreased Aggression

mother and son touch 140x140If spectacular tantrums, hitting, and damaged property are a familiar part of your life, you are not alone. My then skinny 3-year old was once so enraged he smashed and broke the pantry door of our brand new kitchen. Qigong massage (QST) reduces aggression. Your child does not want to be screaming and out of control, hitting himself or others. Like all of us, your child wants to be calm and in control of his body and his /her emotions.

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Regulation of the senses

EdenQigongMassageQST.phpWhen the nervous system is out of balance the skin, the eyes, the nose, the tongue and the ears don’t perceive information the way most people do. Sounds that most people can ignore and relegate to the background such as the sounds in a shopping mall, the quiet hum of a refrigerator or a child crying are perceived as being so loud that they cause pain. Everyday sights hurt one’s eyes and smells make one gag. Common touch such as a hug, nails being clipped, the feel of one’s clothes or certain textures in one’s mouth can all be intolerable. When the senses are out of balance, they don’t work together and coordinate properly. Coordination of different senses is required for simple everyday occurrences like hearing one’s name being called, scanning to identify the source and finally looking up to acknowledge the person and touching them through a handshake a hug or a kiss. When someone is in continual discomfort it is difficult to attend to life’s daily demands. Qigong massage (QST) restores the normal perception of the senses. Sounds that once caused pain become tolerable; sights, smells and touch provide useful information rather than discomfort. Once individual senses are regulated, they can coordinate and work better together. Children become more relaxed, play, learn, socialize and thrive. In turn, their parents can then afford to just sit back, relax and simply enjoy their children.

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Improved language and social interaction

When your child is non-verbal you have to continue to rely on educated guesses to help you anticipate and meet their every need, just like when they were a baby. Except, when they are older, it is so much harder because they are bigger and likewise, have bigger needs. You also have no idea what they are thinking, and spend hours trying to figure out what may be going on in their heads because you know something is going on, you just have no idea what!When they are in daycare or school, you wonder what their day was like and wish they could tell you. You wonder what their real talking voice sounds like. Everyday you deal with the consequences of their frustration at not being able to communicate. My son was non-verbal for what seemed like an eternity, he is only 8 though and now can communicate verbally. QST leads to improvements in speech and social skills; 3 of the 12 movements specifically target these areas. It helps children communicate their needs, share experiences and in some, the development of a sense of humour has been observed. Consequently, their level of frustration is greatly reduced.

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A closer bond with your child

Qigong massage takes parents back to the very beginning with their newborn when they would spend some time during the day touching their child. By opening up those channels of connection between a parent and their child, QST strengthens that natural bond.

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