About me

Dr Sazini Ordinary Day

There is no passion to be found playing small; in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living Nelson Mandela

Hi, I’m Dr. Sazini

I don’t believe in settling for anything other than my best life, not for me nor for my children who have special needs. I do however, believe in individualized solutions that empower people to live joyful, purposeful and fulfilled lives.

I am the mother of two boys with autism and have spent the last 10 years ensuring that my family doesn’t just get by but thrives. I wanted us to live the best lives that we could live and do the things I had always imagined for my family, travelling, enjoying the outdoors, entertaining friends and family. I was determined to find all the help I could that would allow us to have it all, even with special needs.

Of course, like all parents, I’ve had to constantly juggle the demands of everyday life with the need to be available for my children. I’ve worried many times about their speech, sleep, diet sensory challenges and the cost of therapy. I’ve longed for the proverbial 8 hours of sleep and wished that I could just make my kids happy. I am also a scientist with a PhD in medical microbiology and so it is very important to me that any therapies I used with my children be based on solid research evidence and not on hope and dreams alone.



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I am also a Special Needs Parenting Consultant; using my experience and insights to empower parents with the skills they need to build a strong, positive future for their family. I am delighted to share my passion and knowledge with other families not only as a Consultant but also as a mother who has lived this experience with my boys. My passion is working with special needs families to come up with individualized solutions that focus on the uniqueness of each family’s needs and values.


I love solutions that give you, the parent, a central role in your child’s development because I believe that you are the expert when it comes to your children and you can have the greatest impact on your child’s well being.  While starting any new process can be daunting, as one who has traveled this road already I expertly guide each family as they go through their own journey.

My other passions are gardening, travelling, reading, being outdoors in nature  especially when it’s warm and the air doesn’t make my cheeks hurt. I love meeting people and have an exceptional ability to connect with them and understand their needs.

Having travelled, lived and studied in different countries across the world, I have come to appreciate diversity and I approach people and ideas with an open-mind. I especially appreciate that every child and family is different.

Working together, we will come up with solutions that are unique to you and your needs and that will transform your family’s life and let the hamster get off the wheel at night.

I would love to hear from you, contact me to fulfill your vision of your family’s life.